In this article, I will share with you our first launch in Product Hunt and what we have done in the processes leading to it. In this post, I will also refer to details from Jim Raptis’s PH Launch Checklist.

Let’s say you start collecting ideas about the product, first of all, what you need is to display this to people’s awareness, in other words, to create an audience. There are different ways to do this, you can contact people on subreddits, Frontier, you can get in touch with people on YC Forum, etc. I think one of the important…

Where time management comes from and Horae solve what for you?

One of the important concepts that haven’t been developed from the first humans until today is the importance of time. From Homo Erectus to modern man, it’s the same when we all talk about it for a day. If you’re wondering how the first humans spent all of that time, this essay isn’t about that. But if you are wondering whether the first people were planning something too, I’ll start with that.

Wherever there is a division of labour, it is possible to talk about a time planning medium…

Kadir İnip

Growth at Nemria, Fellow'20 at Girvak

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