Time Management and Horae app

Kadir İnip
3 min readMar 7, 2021

Where time management comes from and Horae solve what for you?

One of the important concepts that haven’t been developed from the first humans until today is the importance of time. From Homo Erectus to modern man, it’s the same when we all talk about it for a day. If you’re wondering how the first humans spent all of that time, this essay isn’t about that. But if you are wondering whether the first people were planning something too, I’ll start with that.

Wherever there is a division of labour, it is possible to talk about a time planning medium. Because for the distributed activities to be completed in a synchronized way, they must be completed in a certain period of time. Considering that Homo erectus started walking on his feet and lit a fire, Paleolithic people carved stones for hunting, made pointed arrows, and discovered Asia in small groups, we can say that they divided the work. This means that the first humans were planning their time as we did.

Now, we have another suggestion that didn’t change throughout human history, time planning. Things that have changed over the years have actually developed as a result of an effort to increase efficiency here, to-do lists, agendas, calendars, etc. However, the modern age gave people more and more complex duties and asked them to do these tasks in a more limited time.

Time planning became frequently influential. But this importance and sensitivity were used more for planning the future. In this essay, I will talk about the adventure of designing an app. The app, which plans the past tense, is to create resources and statistical use for the future. Measure your life, and log the hours to document your life.


One of the important details we noticed was the importance of the records of the passed time. While we were thinking about how many hours a week we have to devote to, how many hours of work in total, while running any business, while designing it, Horae has emerged that stores their data for you. Two mad (Yusuf and Furkan) developed it and I’m trying to grow it.

Horae (also meaning goddesses of time) is a productivity app that can easily record the work of that day at the end of the day. It sends you a notification at any time of the day which you prefer, reminds you of that day’s record.

I think the most productive part is that all these do not exceed 5 seconds. It can’t be as funny as any productivity tool takes more time than it adds to your life. We’ve worked hard on this, and we’ve reached the x10 target. We wanted the time spent in the application to be reduced by 10 times compared to other applications, and the convenience added by the application to be increased 10 times compared, also.

Measure Your Life

You can get Horae, which we can only release Play Store for now, from the link. Also, you can visit our webpage. All in all, we believe in the importance of feedback, how would you like to improve your Horae?